Ups and Downs of Technology

Topics: Identity theft, Mobile phone, Telephone Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 29, 2012
My Iphone4 was updated to iOS6 and is the technology I use daily, hourly, 24/7. The benefits my Iphone provides me are pretty much anything you can think of. I use my phone to stay in contact with friends and family. I make and receive important phone calls. I check my email, I write my notes, I listen to music, browse the internet, play games, mark my calender, chat on social networkin sites, manage bills, and keeo track of my calorie intake daily with my Iphone. The benefits are all of the uses I get out of one device right at my finger tips. There are many risks involved with having my entire life on one device. One risk is the fact that my iphone could be stolen and I would lose everything I have in my phone or a starnger would have access to my personal information and basically, my entire life. I could have identity theft happen. Another risk is my phone breaking and me losing all of my personal inoramation or not having access to them. there are a couple ways of minimizing the risks. I can continuously back up the data in my iphone on itunes on my laptop, so I can always have acees to the information on my phone. I can also set up security locks throughout my phone on important information that I do not want to risk getting hacked or having another person have access to it. If I chose not to use my phone because of the risks associated with it, my life would be alot more boring and inconvienent. Everything besides making phone calls or recieving phone calls can be used outside of having my phone, however that would just be so much more complicated. I woulld have to continuously log on to computers or ask others to borrow thier phones. I would also be bored because I am not home alot, an if I wanted to hop online to chat with friends or listen to music while I workout at the gym, I would not be able to do that. Plus I would not be able to carry my laptop around all over, so I would not have unlimited access to everything I need and want when I need and want...
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