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Topics: Supply and demand, Economics, Perfect competition Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: December 2, 2012
P11606 (Microeconomics for Business A) – Coursework Topics 2012-2013 Semester One
Marks accounted: 25% of the total marks
Deadline of submission: 3PM, December 5, 2012
Word limitation: 1500 words in maximum
Answer ONE question out of the following topics:

1.Free schooling is provided in most countries up to a certain education level. For example, in China, free schooling is provided for primary and secondary level of education. The number of places available to children is often less than the number of children at the school-age. Use microeconomic theory to analyse the consequences or problems of free schooling and also the possible ways of solving the problem. 免费教育在大多数国家提供一定的教育水平。例如,在中国,提供免费教育初级和中级水平的教育。名额的数量对儿童经常小于儿童数量在学龄。使用微观经济理论分析结果或问题的免费教育,也可能的解决问题的办法。

2.In recent years, Hong Kong’s house prices have risen very rapidly. Please use the supply and demand theory to analyse the reasons for rising housing prices, and also discuss the possible effects on the housing market if there is a belief that house prices will keep rising. 近年来,香港的房价上涨非常迅速。请使用供求理论分析房价上涨的原因,并探讨其可能对房屋市场的影响,如果有一个相信房价会继续上涨。

3.Assume a new SARS is taking the lives of millions of people around the world. Only one medicine produced by GSK is capable of stopping this new SARS. Using the theory regarding monopoly market structure, critically discuss the options that GSK may adopt in order to maximise its profitability in the short-term and long-term and at the same time to serve the public interest and private interest. 假设一个新的“非典”正在全世界无数人们生活的世界。葛兰素史克公司生产的唯一药物能够阻止这个新的“非典”。使用理论关于垄断的市场结构、批判性讨论选项,葛兰素史克公司可能采用以最大化其利润在短期和长期的同时以服务公共利益与私人利益。

4.Electronic commerce through platforms like Taobao.com is booming in China. How close are these electronic markets to being perfectly competitive markets?完全竞争市场 Distinguish between markets for a.Goods whose quality can be easily assessed, like clothes or cell phones b.Goods that need to be...
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