Unit Three Study Guide

Topics: Musical theatre, Drama, Into the Woods Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Introduction to Theatre
Unit Three Study Guide

Chapters 8, 9, 10, Into the Woods and Eurydice

Chapter 8

1. Although modern drama can be said to have begun in 1875, its roots lay in what? Social and Political ideas 2. The primary goal of realism is what? show what is happening in the world 3. The early play of Ibsen treated what?

4. “Slice-of-life” drama is the essence of what theatrical movement? naturalism 5. How did the symbolist movement begin? In rebellion to realism 6. What does Avant-Garde mean? Artists who abandon conventional models to create works that are in the forefront of new movements and styles 7. What does surrealism mean? Artists sought to go beyond realism into super-realism 8. What is expressionism in theatre?

• Shocking and gutsy dialogue
• Boldly exaggerated scenery
• Piercing sounds
• Bright lights
• Abundance of primary colors
• Not subtle use of symbols
• Short scenes leading up to powerful climax
9. What is Metatheatre? Play-within-a-play
10. Describe No Exit.
11. The theatre of the absurd was formulated by which existential writing of French Essayist and playwright? Albert Camus 12. What play is a parable without a message reveal a paradigm of human condition in which character exchange songs, accords of dreams and try to make the best of a hopeless situation? Waiting for Godot

13. What did Brecht intend with his alienation effect? Invigorating theatre practices that are utterly at variance with those used since Aristotle and abrasive humanism that reawakened its sense of social responsibility and help mold public issues and events. 14. What is theatre of alienation? Humanity’s potential for growth and society’s capacity to effect change

Chapter 9

1. Which city remains the international capital of the world’s musical theatre? New York 2. What is the average cost to open a production on Broadway? 3. American Broadway musical...
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