Unit Plan

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Unit Plan
MAN5612 Project Management
Semester 2, 2012. Faculty of Business and Law.

Name| Room no| Contact number/s| Email| Consultation times| Dr Judith Gliddon| JO2.465| (08) 6304 5885| j.gliddon@ecu.edu.au I am always contactable by email.| ALL AT ML
Mon 11.30 – 13.30Wed 14.30 – 16.30|
Day| Time| Room No.|
Monday| 14.30 – 17.30| ML03.110|

This unit is conducted in accordance with the Student Charter (available at: http://www.ecu.edu.au/prospectus/charter/). Lecturers and students must all be mindful of common courtesies such as timely arrival to class, notification of absence, ensuring mobile phones are switched off, and allowing each person the opportunity to contribute and to gain as much as possible from the unit.

YOU MUST CHECK YOUR STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS REGULARLY. It’s the way I let you know about changes to classes, assessments etc. It’s easy to forward these emails to your favourite email address, if you have one. How do I automatically redirect all ECU messages to another account? 1. After you sign in to your account, click Options, then click Organize E-Mail, and then click Inbox Rules. 2. On the Inbox Rules tab, click New.

3. Under When the message arrives, select Apply to all messages. 4. Under Do the following, select Redirect the message to. 5. Select the address you want your mail sent to by double-clicking on it in the address book view. If the address you want to redirect to doesn't appear, you can enter the e-mail address in the To field. 6. Click OK to save your selections and return to the new rule window. 7. Click Save to save your rule and return to the Inbox Rules tab. UNIT DESCRIPTION:

This unit examines the fundamental principles, strategies and approaches used in project management across a number of industries, for example planning and development, tourism, manufacturing, sport and events. The unit covers project definition, planning, execution, basic feasibility models, management and control, procurement and implementation. Additional topic areas include quality, risk management, project scope management, international projects and development strategies. The unit will include the use of Project Management software to illustrate the various concepts presented. TEACHING AND LEARNING PROCESSES|

On campus students attend a combination of lecture, tutorial and lab experiences covering three hours per week over one semester. Off-campus students access modular lecture notes and supplementary materials via MyECU/Blackboard. Regular online access is required. LEARNING OUTCOMES:

On completion of this unit students should be able to:
1. critically appraise the stages in the life-cycle of project management, the key challenges faced by project managers during each stage, and the tools and methods applicable during the course of a project; 2. demonstrate skills on a range of project management tasks including: defining a project, planning for risks, estimating time and costs, procurement, scheduling, developing an implementation plan, monitoring, project completion and close out, evaluation and reporting; 3. incorporate human resources into project management plans and list the associated issues, such as communication, that need to be taken into account; 4. use project management software to manage projects; and, 5. compare and contrast the traditional foundations of project management with alternative approaches such as critical chain project management and agile project management. UNIT CONTENT|

1. History and development of project management as a discipline: basic principles, the project ‘life-cycle’, project management terminology. Building organisational capability. 2. Hard and soft approaches to project management. 3. Project initiation: strategic and operational planning frameworks, establishing project goals and objectives, deliverables,...
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