Unit on Kentucky Pioneers

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Kentucky, United States Pages: 26 (6707 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Early Kentuckians

KY Native American Indians
Appalachian People

Thematic Unit
Fourth Grade
KY Standards

Unit designed according to AZ SEI standard format

Early Kentuckians Thematic Unit
Two Week Lesson Plan Information
General Information and Standards
Kristie Eldridge
Grade 4
Social Studies

Two Week Long State Standards for Social Studies

1 Strand: Social Studies: Government and Civics

2 POSU: SS-4-CS-U-1, SS-4-CS-U-4, SS-4-CS-U-3, SS-4-CS-U-5

3 POSSC: SS-4-CS-S-1, SS-4-CS-S-3, SS-4-CS-S-4

Related Core Content for Assessment

2 SS-04-2.1.1

Students will identify early cultures (Native American, Appalachian, and pioneers) in Kentucky and explain their similarities and differences.

3 DOK 2

4 SS-04-5.2.2

Students will identify and compare the cultures of diverse groups and explain why people explored and settled in Kentucky.

5 DOK 2

6 SS-04-2.3.1

Students will describe various forms of interactions (compromise, cooperation, and conflict) that occurred during the early settlement of Kentucky between diverse groups (Native Americans, early settlers). DOK 2

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of history using a variety of tools (e.g., primary and secondary sources): • Explain reasons that different groups of people explored and settled in Kentucky • Investigate the influences/contributions of diverse groups to the culture of Kentucky today

Two Week Long ELL Standards for Social Studies:
Framework: Summative Framework (1.) and Formative Framework (2.) Standard: ELP 5: The Language of Social Studies
Grade Level Cluster: 3-5
Language Domain: Reading (1.) and Writing (2.)

English Language

Proficiency Level:3
Example Topic: 1. Compare and contrast different people using graphic organizers and sentences.
2. Contrast different aspects of communities or regions depicted in pictures or maps (e.g., location, people, places, resources)

Everyone is part of a culture. Students will learn about the past KY cultures that have helped to shape the culture they live in today. General Information and Writing Standards
Kristie Eldridge
Grade 4
Purpose: Review of Skills
Two Week Long State Standards for Writing
Strand: Writing: Writing Conventions
POSU: EL-4-WV-U-2, EL-4-WV-U-3, EL-4-WV-U-4, EL-4-WV-U-5
POSSC: EL-4-WV-S-1, EL-4-WV-S-2, EL-4-WV-S-3, EL-4-WV-S-4

Related Core Content for Assessment
Language: Students will exemplify effective language choices by • Applying correct grammar and usage
• Applying concise use of language
• Incorporating strong verbs, precise nouns, concrete details and sensory details • Applying language appropriate to the content, purpose and audience DOK 2
Correctness: Students will communicate clearly by:
• Applying correct spelling
• Applying correct punctuation
• Applying correct capitalization
• Incorporating acceptable departure from standard correctness to enhance meaning when appropriate WR-E-3.6.0
Correctness: Students will communicate clearly by
• Incorporating appropriate documentation of ideas and information from outside sources (e.g., citing authors or titles within the text, listing sources) DOK2

**Reading and writing lessons within this thematic unit are for the purpose of reviewing skills and strategies learned throughout the year. They are NOT to take the place of teaching standards but to review standards already learned by utilization of skills within the Social Studies Unit. Teacher will be modeling strategies during unit and reminding students of writing and reading skills that are important for success!...
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