Unit 4 Planning and Enabling

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Unit 4 - Theories and Principles of Planning and
Enabling Learning
The purpose of this assignment is to establish the theories and principles of planning and enabling learning as applicable to my teaching. I teach at a Further Education college in North West Leicestershire, where I teach a group of eleven mature students. As a group they are self funding on the course and the full cost is recovered from them with the exception of one, who is an apprentice and is therefore funded through his apprenticeship. The qualification they are studying for is a City and Guilds Level Three Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology. By the end of the course they will have the technical knowledge to become electricians but not necessarily the practical experience that an apprenticeship would give them. At this point of the course they are nearing the end of two years of study for the qualification, after already completing a Level two qualification in the same subject and are currently studying for their last two modules of this second year, fault diagnosis and testing. The fault diagnosis is taught by myself and testing by a colleague on another night. I have over thirty years of experience in the electrical industry. From completing my own apprenticeship, City and Guilds qualifications, BTEC Higher National Certificate, experience in many areas of the industry from electrician, contracts Manager and NVQ assessor giving me the suitable qualification to teach the subject. Each of the learners are from differing employment backgrounds and are treated as individuals for their different reasons for wanting to complete the qualification. You would expect with a group of eleven people from different backgrounds to have a variety of learning preferences. Although the learners have preferred learning styles, my own learning style has a big influence on my teaching style. I am, I believe in the Behaviourist school of learning, with my lectures very much tutor centred, in that...
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