Unit 330developing a Hobby

Topics: Bird, The Residents, English-language films Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 17, 2013

Last summer whilst I was talking to one of the residents she remarked about how varied the bird-life was that came into the garden and that she would like to find out what they were and encourage more birds into the garden by getting a new bird table. I spoke to the manager and she agreed for me to take the resident to the local garden centre to choose one. I said that I would be happy to take her along to the garden centre on Thursday as it would not leave the shift short staffed. I advised the resident that I had spoken to the manager and that I would pick her up on Thursday morning after breakfast and take her to the garden centre. On the way home I called into the garden centre and arranged with them to park in one of their disabled bays even though I did not have a badge to display as I was bringing an elderly resident to the garden centre and she could not walk great distances. They agreed that this would be no problem.

On that Thursday I picked her up in my car after breakfast as agreed and took her to the local Garden Centre and assisted her from the car into it. I showed her the Bird Tables that they had there and asked the staff there if they had any other tables they could show her. She spent about ½ hour discussing them with the staff before she made her choice, I pointed out to her that she had chosen the most expensive one and that there were more cheaper ones available but she insisted that the one she had chosen was the one that she wanted. She also chose some accessories to go with the table and some food for the birds. I asked the staff to provide an invoice for what she wanted as I needed to obtain authorisation for what she wanted to spend from Essex Guardians. I assisted her back to my car and we returned to the home. In total we were out for about two hours. When we got back to the home I assisted her into the home and got her a cup of tea and asked her if she had enjoyed her trip...
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