Unit # 3 Social Structure Notes

Topics: South America, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Africa Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Peter Weller is a Forensic Archaeologist
-an examination of the physical remnants of societies
ART-pottery/fossils/bodies/tepees & huts/ how did they move things Buildings-Egyptians moved things with medieval cranes
Food-poop (from animal remains in stomachs/bodies) be able to see what kind of diet was like Written- Scratches on the wall

South American civilization, 100,000 or more on the riverbed of the amazon - Marajo
- Marajoara people were in Peru, ancient, around during the same time the pyramids were being built just as ancient to the romans were to the Egyptians, we are advanced to them as we are to the romans. -Disappeared mysteriously

-all up and down the Andes mountains similarities are in the pottery.

#1 Compare and contrast the legacies of cultural syncretism in Africa and the Americas with the resistance to cultural change Westerners encountered in China and India. #3 Had syncretism not occurred in the Americas, how might modern culture be different? If cultural syncretism had taken root during early encounters in China or India, how might they be different today?

My Part:
#2 What cultural factors caused the differences in outcomes? What legacies have the differences in types of encounters and degrees of cultural change left today? *What was it inside of India & China that stopped the different outcomes Why is China and India the way they are now because of what happened back then? Why is Africa so torn apart?

-The division of west Africa, South African apart ide, West African Slave trade, Tunisian rebellion, Egypt & the influence of Muslims South America is disjointed because of different Latin influences.

(ppt notes)
*Sub-Saharan Africa& Western contact:
Portuguese were first to take a deep interest
1488 Portuguese rounded the cape of good hope
Opened up a new trade route to India
By 1500 Portuguese joined the African slave market
Introduction of Christianity
*The Americas Western Contact:...
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