Unit 3 Essay Prep Ap World History

Topics: Islam, Middle East, Asia Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: March 20, 2013

1) Analyze similarities and differences between the diffusion of Buddhism from its origins to 1450 and the diffusion of Christianity from its origins to 1450. Be sure to discuss how each religion gained followers as it diffused

Christianity- Peter and Paul, St. Gregory, Constantine, Missionaries

Buddhism- Ashoka, Silk Road, Siddartha Guatama

2) Analyze the changes and continuities in the cultural and intellectual outlook of ONE of the following regions between 600 and 1450. Europe- Christianity,
The Middle East- Islam, madras’ shut down by ‘only Quran’ thinking, almost all of the learning and technology is diffusing west from China. Took windmills east (one of the only things that went East besides Islam) Windmills to drill water and bring it up from underground. Medicine was originally very Muslim but religious leaders didn’t want it to happen. Medical texts and anatomy designs as well as mechanical designs (clocks and calendars, pumps, windmills) Chemistry and Algebra, Fountains, surgical tools, Clocks important for navigation and religious reasons (prayers toward Mecca) China- Confucianism, inventions and technology (rockets, gunpowder, paper making, printing of books), unified written language but not spoken

3) Analyze the economic and technological changes and continuities in ONE of the following regions between 600 and 1450. Central Asia- inventions and technology (rockets, gunpowder, paper making, printing of books), trading with India and the rest of the world, clocks and windmills from Middle East, drought-resistant rice from Vietnam East Africa-

South America-

4) Compare and contrast the state-building experiences of TWO of the following political units. The Mongol Empire
Medieval Europe
The Abbasid Caliphate
Feudal Japan 1000-1500

5) Compare and contrast how the arrival of Islam affected TWO of the following regions. Spain
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