Unit 203

Topics: Discrimination, Disability, Racism Pages: 5 (1608 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Unit 203

Outcome 1: understand the importance of equality and inclusion

1.1 explain what is meant by:
* diversity
* equality
* inclusion
* discrimination
DIVERSITY means difference. When it is used together with EQUALITY it means recognizing both individual and group differences, it means treating everyone as an individual and giving value to each and every person. Diversity means allowing people to be different and respecting these differences. In care industry the carer might need to challenge others if necessary and speak up for the individuals they support, who cannot speak for themselves.

INCLUSION is the right of every human to have equal access and opportunities, regardless their race, gender, disability, medical or other need, culture, age, religion and sexual orientation. It is about getting rid of discrimination and intolerance. DISCRIMINATION is a preconceived attitude towards the members of a particular group that leads to less favorable or bad treatment of those persons. This kind of attitude is often resistant to change even in the light of new information.

1.2 describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work setting Direct discrimination may happen when individuals are treated less favorable or when they are given lower standard of services because of their gender, race, ethnicity, culture, disability, religion, sexuality, mental health or age. The carer must be aware of its own prejudices and make sure that the support they give is not provided at different standards for certain categories. Indirect discrimination takes place when a rule or policy is more restrictive for people from a certain group, when it should be applied equally to everybody. For example a council procedure for homeless people made only in English would put people whose first language is not English in difficulty, which is an unfair disadvantage and could be taken as indirect discrimination. If the council has a good reason for having a particular policy in place (eg. For health or safety reasons) this would not be consider indirect discrimination. Harassment can take place because of people’s prejudices or because individuals believe it is acceptable to tease people or tell racist jokes. This creates an unpleasant environment where an individual can feel degraded. Victimization takes place when someone is treated less favorable because of doing something that another person disapproves (eg. Someone being treated less favorable because they complained about a service). The care worker duty is to make sure they understand what might be considered as discrimination and to raise any concerns with their supervisor/ manager on behalf of the individuals they support.

1.3 explain how practices that support equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination In providing care and support too individuals, it is our duty to be able to respond appropriately and sensitively to everyone we interact with. The way a person approach equality and inclusion shows whether she/ he is able to provide care and support. A way in which employers have responded to the issue of diversity was to develop flexibility in their working practices and services (eg. Employer may allow flexible working pattern to accommodate child care or a GP surgery may offer services during weekends for people that work full time during the week). So a commitment to equality in addition to recognition of diversity means that different can be equal. It is important that employers and their representatives behave ethically and lead by example. The UK framework has 2 elements to it: anti-discriminatory framework gives individuals a route to raise complains of discrimination around employment and service delivery and public duties which place a proactive duty on employers to address institutional discrimination. The anti-discriminatory framework protects gender, ethnicity,...
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