Unit 2 Health and Social Care

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Task 3 Health and Social care settings - Describe the following settings.

Residential Care

Residential care home is a place where a person leaves their home to be cared for in a safe environment. People who use this kind of care may not be able to live on their own or either it might be their own decision to leave their home to be cared for in a health and social care setting. Sometimes with that kind of decision come up their own family members, who decide for them to be cared not at their own home. Elderly people who have no families moves in that type of care setting but they have to pay for it, in order to pay the care home either rents their home or sells it to pay for the services.

Day Care

This type of care is for a person who requires care only on a daily basis. The only difference separating the day care and the residential care home is that in a day care centre you stay only during the day time, whereas in a residential care home you live exactly the same as in own home. During the stay service users are getting physic therapy or they are being occupied by the activities. Usually the elderly people are getting this kind of treatment the only exception is the people who have physical disabilities.

Nursing care

Nursing care is for people who have long term illnesses. One of those long term illnesses could be recovering after heart attack. With that kind of illness a person will get care until they are recovered to the normal living conditions or they are fully maintained the normal quality of live back. This may also be with the service users who need to be given medication or other treatment by the nurse accompanying.

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care is based on a care given at home. Individuals who cannot make food for themselves most likely will be provided with a carer who will bring food for them at the specific times. Or another example could be the service user’s choice to die at home. Domiciliary care could be...
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