Unit 10 Task 2.1 List 4 Different Things That Can Affect the Rights of an Individual (2.1) Explain How the Things You Have Listed Could Affect the Rights of an Individual (2.1)

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Task 2.1

List 4 different things that can affect the rights of an individual (2.1) Explain how the things you have listed could affect the rights of an individual (2.1)

1. Murder- murder is really a serious factor that really affects all the rights of an individual, because taking one’s life is taking also all of his rights. As what it is written by the Law, every individual has the right to live.

2. Slavery and Forced Labour- slavery still exists nowadays, particularly this forced labour where an individual is working without any payment and in an unlimited hour. Individuals are working to have a source of income, to subsidize everyday’s needs like foods and money. Blood and sweats of individuals are the greatest sacrifice of an individual in order to live and to face the hardships of living.

3. Respect and Privacy- invasion of privacy is taking away one’s freedom. Disrespecting an individual is degrading one’s rights. Privacy is very important thing owned by an individual, it is like a treasure that should be kept carefully and must be respected by the others. Others should respect others’ privacy as they respect their own because having each own privacy is having a smuch secured freedom.

4. Discrimination- discriminating makes an individual thinks unworthy of himself. It sometimes forces an individual to commit suicide that caused him to death. Death is the end of life, the end of an individual’s rights.

Task 2.2
Produce a booklet that explains how we should respect the rights of others in the workplace.

We can demonstrate respect with simple, yet powerful actions. These ideas will help us avoid needless, insensitive, unmeant disrespect, too. * Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.

* Encourage coworkers to express opinions and ideas.
* Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint. Never speak over, but in, or cut off another person. * Don’t think of yourself only,...
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