Unit 1

Topics: Communication, British Sign Language, Message Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Speech this comes in many different forms this could be upon dependent of localality , ethnicity, professionals groups and cultures. This could be due to other background language as there is many such as English, Urdu,French, Spanish and more. Their is also many different forms of language; first language as above it has been explained about first language this could be a problem for people that come from various backgrounds. Dialect is also a geographical community, this could be people that have a accent from Scotland, Yorkshire, London and more. Slang is also a use of , cutting long words short such as ‘’Hello’’ to ‘’Iya’’. These could also be phrases that aren’t found in a dictionary . Jargon are words that people would use that are in a particular profession such as a doctor and a Nurse, Meaning that not many people would understand. Their are also many different types of communication, text messaging this could be Via SMS or technology which could be socialising sites such as facebook and Twitter. Written communication would be seen practically on Paper, this could be viewed were as their would be no chance for it to be viewed on a laptop. Signing For it to be viewed on a laptop . signing Could be another way of Communicating for people that have a hearing impairment disability. This could involve practically signing or finger spelling to the client. Symbols could involve fire exit symbols, smoking and hazards. A example would be if a group of visitors were to visit a patient in hospital they would follow the directions and would be assured to the place. They would also have to use hand gel on their hand before going on the ward . this would be to prevent germs spreading. Touch would mean if a pair of friends were hugging , this would mean that they don’t cross boundaries for example personal contact. Some people may communicate , include drama for people that may be active. Makaton is a very basic way of sign language for young children , that...
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