Unified Modeling Language: Class Diagram and Packages

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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UML Class Diagram and Packages
* Agenda
* What is a Class Diagram?
* Essential Elements of a UML Class Diagram
* Packages and Class Diagrams
* Analysis Classes Approach
* Tips

What is a Class Diagram?
* A class diagram describes the types of objects in the system and the various kinds of static relationships that exist among them. * A graphical representation of a static view on declarative static elements. * A central modeling technique that runs through nearly all object-oriented methods. * The richest notation in UML.

Essential Elements of a UML Class Diagram
* Class
* Attributes
* Operations
* Relationships
* Associations
* Generalization
* Dependency
* Realization
* Constraint Rules and Notes
* A class is the description of a set of objects having similar attributes, operations, relationships and behavior. Associations
* A semantic relationship between two or more classes that specifies connections among their instances. * A structural relationship, specifying that objects of one class are connected to objects of a second (possibly the same) class. * Example: “An Employee works for a Company”

* An association between two classes indicates that objects at one end of an association “recognize” objects at the other end and may send messages to them. * This property will help us discover less trivial associations using interaction diagrams. * To clarify its meaning, an association may be named.

* The name is represented as a label placed midway along the association line. * Usually a verb or a verb phrase.
* A role is an end of an association where it connects to a class. * May be named to indicate the role played by the class attached to the end of the association path. * Usually a noun or noun phrase

* Mandatory for reflexive associations
* Multiplicity
* The number of instances of the class, next to which...
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