Unequal Distribution of Wealth in the Dominican Republic.

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Unequal distribution of wealth in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean. It has a population about nine million of people. It is a country with a natural wealth but also with economic wealth which is affected by the unequal distribution. The Dominican Republic has three economic classes literally; high class, middle class, and lower class. Of the nine million of people about 50% live in poor condition, about 30% belong to a middle class, and the other 20% of population is rich or belong to the high class. The problem with the unequal distribution of wealth begins with the bad distribution of Government resources. In the Dominican Republic all people who have a part in the Government are characterized to become rich faster and also receive a lot of privileges such as house, car, driver, and security that other people cannot receive. In the Dominican Republic the differences among salaries from high official Government and other employees is really big. For example a Senator in the Dominican Republic earns about $15,000. dollars monthly and also receives , food, car, security and just works four days; some, one day per week. On the other side, professors work about 20 to 23 days a month and earn about $500. dollars monthly and haves to pay for house in most of case, transportation, and food. This situation generates a social division because the rich share with rich, and the poor with the poor. While rich people have a house of millions, the poor people do not have anywhere to live. While rich live in a zone with a high level of security, the poor live among offenders. The education that is received by children of the rich is grater...
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