Unequal Childhood Chapter 1 Summary

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Parenting Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Chapter One
Here the author talks about couple of kids who belong to different social class and race. She mainly focuses on how economical condition affects parenting. Although most of the parents want the best from their kids but indeed they have to balance between their work and financial situation and tune it with their parenting style. She also talks about how middle class parenting differs from the other social class. The middle class parents mostly dominate the lives of their children while the working class parents cannot concentrate that much on their kids. She also brought a name for this phenomena called “Concerted Cultivation”. While the middle class or rich parents take control of the leisure time of their children, the working class struggle with their regular life. Cultural Repertoires:

In this section author talks about different ways of raising children and how they vary from class to class and in different social settings. Although there are some established norms that dictate child rearing but parents and experts differ time to time. The generally accepted ways of child raising has been defined by the author as, “Dominant Set of Cultural Repertoires”. The commonly accepted or desired way of raising children has been changed over time and the middle class parents seem to be changed more than the poor families. But they are more concern now as some of the middle class children are facing a situation called “Declining Fortunes”. This notion refers to how sometimes the middle class family children are not being capable of keeping their fortune inherited from their parents. That’s why the middle class parents are more concern now. The author also described how social class affects the children’s ability to learn social interaction and skill settings which might be worthy in their professional lives. She called this as, “Transmission of Differential Advantages”. Here she demonstrated how the childhood learning of how to shake hands or even look...
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