Unemployment in Uganda

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The need for Reforms: Diagnosing the Problems of Education in Africa Proactively speaking, I strongly believe that there is possibility for a virtuous circle of education and growth in Africa before the turn of the century, and we need to create it. “This means that finance ministers of our States in Africa should be concerned about education, and education ministers about economic growth.” South Africa for example should emphasized technical and vocational education by giving it prestige that is equal to academic education and qualification.  This involved, among other things, a public relations campaign to encourage and get students to be aware of the possibilities therein. We also need to deliver on the quality of vocational and technical education which the entire system is lacking presently. The importance of education in the development agenda of a nation especially developing countries cannot be over-emphasised. It should be treated with immense importance and proactive resolve in mind. This necessity, combined with the rapid population growth in Africa, has greatly increased the demand for world class education in the continent. I wonder if our politicians understand that, this as a vital prerequisite if we are going to be able to compete with the 21stcentury world order and thereon.

Poor attitude towards work The chairman of Kawempe division explained that youth do not want to work as agriculturalists because they have poor attitude towards work. 25 Lack of skills
It was also find out that most of the youth are unemployed in Lubaga division due to lack of skills. Some respondents said that one may loss a job due to lack of skills thus the researcher found out that having skills is very vital Lack of education

Respondents argued that vocational training can also help them to access job opportunities rather than lacking enough education as sadik(1990) said that lack of education. This finding agree with Sadik (1990) who say that lack of...
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