Understanding How to Work with and Support Colleagues

Topics: Management, Organization, Interdependence Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Section 4 – Understand how to work with and support colleagues

1.Explain the purpose of agreeing standards for your own work. Give at least two reasons.

The ‘components’ (the people who are a part of, and the ultimate goals) of the organisation (organisation being the operative word), need to have structure and need to be organized, or there will be no organisation. That is why work standards are put in place. Everyone who is a member of the organisation needs to agree with, and comply with their organisation’s work standards, in order for the agreed standards to be effective, and for to achieve the goals of the organisation.

Each organisation will have common work standards, and work standards that are peculiar to their own particular business/industry. All staff members will have their own agreed standards of work, and agreed standards of work applicable to them as a unit, as a team member, and as a member of the organisation.

Having agreed standards of work means that everyone knows what is required of them, they will be clear on what it is they need to do to actualize the standards. By adhering to common agreed standards, for example, adhering to the ‘Quality’ standards will ensure that the organisations products, and, or services meet the appropriate standard required for their purpose. If an organisations products/services are below standard, it will not be marketable and the business would go out of business.

Another important work standard addresses unnecessary waste, waste is costly to business, and standards need to be in place to curb waste, and if possible to utilize waste that can be put to another use, or recycled, if it cannot be recycled, it needs to be disposed of in an environmentally ethical way. By meeting these standards: The law is upheld; Environmental damage is minimized; The organisation earns a positive image/reputation.

Staff need to observe appropriate behavioural standards. When we work for a company, we...
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