Understanding Character, Setting, and Plot

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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What I need to know about character:
1. Characterization is the means by which a writer reveals a character to a reader, including appearance, speech and behavior, thoughts and feelings, and other characters' reactions and opinions. 2. There are four main elements of characterization. These include: a. How a character looks

b. How a character acts
c. How other characters react to this character d. What the character thinks and feels 3. Strong literary descriptions provide readers with the important details that allow us to develop and understand characters' actions and motivations. 4. A narrator will often give a reader a lot of vital information in only a few sentences. This information helps the reader to formulate a vivid mental picture of a character. 5. Readers also can make educated guesses about a character by paying attention to the way other others respond to him or her. 6. When writers provide their readers with a character's internal dialogue and thoughts, we learn all there is to know about that person from his or her own perspective .

What I need to know about setting and plot:
1. Setting is vital to a story's plot, offering a reader more than a mere description of place. It refers to when and where a story takes place and, in a broader sense, the physical circumstances, culture, way of life, and/or shared beliefs that frame the lives of the characters. 2. A story's course of events that forms the action and is propelled by conflict toward a climax and eventual resolution is called the plot . 3. There is often a strong connection between a character and the setting he or she...
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