Uncertainty Avoidance Notes

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What is uncertainty avoidance?

Uncertainty avoidance is the acceptance of assumed causes or explanations of a situation as facts to escape the discomfort associated with ambiguity or uncertainty. In other words, it is the actions or steps taken to avoid being uncertain about the future.


How to avoid uncertainty?

A way of avoiding uncertainty is by planning everything carefully and relying on rules, regulations and laws to make sure everything is in order and planned. Because of the fact that people don’t know what will happen in the future, the future is expressed as uncertain and this uncertainty causes anxiety amongst people, in some cultures more than others.

Anxiety is a diffuse state of being uneasy or worried about what may happen. It is closely related to stress and nervousness. People get into stress when they feel pressures by time and/or uncertainty to accomplish a target or to solve a problem.


Uncertainty avoidance and cultures

Richard Lynn, an Irish psychologist, showed that there is a connection between higher alcohol consumption and cultures that avoid uncertainty.

In countries with high uncertainty avoidance, emotions are displayed in the way that everything different or unknown is dangerous. They resist in changes and worry about what the future may bring. Cultures with a low degree of uncertainty avoidance are open for new things and changes. They don’t have feelings of uncertainty or feel anxious about the future and what it may bring.

To prevent uncertainty, societies set up laws and rules like companies do. Authorities control duties or rights for people to follow, therefore avoiding uncertainty.

Some cultures need to have strong uncertainty avoidance like France. In France, many strict regulations are used and tasks are heavily centralized and controlled in companies. This is to avoid any...
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