Ucla Econ 101 Final Spring 2011

Topics: Nash equilibrium, Game theory, Trembling hand perfect equilibrium Pages: 5 (1009 words) Published: November 19, 2012

Final Exam (VERSION 1): Econ 101
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• The exam has one parts: Written Questions. • There should be 16 total pages (front and back). Quickly read through the exam before beginning. • There are 100 total points available. Point values are listed next to each problem part. Please allocate your time accordingly



Written Questions
1. Consider the following payoff matrix Player L M T 2, 0 3, 1 Player 1 C 3, 4 1, 2 B 1, 3 0, 2 2 R 4,2 2,3 3,0

a. (5pnts) Find the pure strategy Nash equilibria of the simultaneous game b. (5pnts) Now suppose the game is played sequentially. Find the subgame perfect equilibrium if player 1 goes first and if player 2 goes first. c. (5pnts) Discuss whether each of the players would want to go first or second. d. (5pnts) Write down a system of equations such that the solution to the system would give a completely mixed strategy equilibrium of this game (please clearly define all of your notation). Can this system of equations be solved? (Hint: think about the condition requiring player 1 to play B with positive probability). Explain what the answer means.






2. Suppose Player 1 and Player 2 are playing a simultaneous move game with the following payoff matrix: Player 2 L R T 0, 4 α, 3 Player 1 B 3, 3 4, 6 where α ≥ 0 a. (5pnts) Define a dominant strategy equilibrium. Is there any value of α for which there is a dominant strategy equilibrium. If so, find the values of α. If not, show why. b. (5pnts) Describe all the pure and mixed strategy equilibria of the game as a function of α c. (5pnts) Suppose α = 5. What would the outcome be if the players could cooperate?






3. Billy has just inherited a horse ranch from his uncle. The ranch is located in Oshkosh, WI and rents horses. A unique feature of the stable is the nearby riding trails that overlook Lake Winnebago. Billy has two types of potential customers: novice riders (N) and serious riders (S). The (per customer) demand for horse rides on the ranch is qS = 75 − 1.25PS , where qS is the number of hourlong rides a serious rider makes per year. The demand for novice riders is qN = 57 − 1.25PN . Assume there are 75 riders of each type in the town. Billy’s cost function is T C = 12q, where q is the total number of hours the horses are ridden per year. a. (5pnts) Suppose Billy does not price discriminate. Find prices, quantities, and Billy’s profit. b. (5pnts) Suppose Billy can tell who’s a serious rider because of the types of hat they ware. Find the 3rd degree price discriminating prices, quantities and profits. c. (5pnts) Suppose Billy is not able to tell the difference between the two types of rider. He decides to start charging a yearly membership fee, T , as well as an hourly price, p. Find the optimal choices of T and p d. (5pnts) Suppose Billy IS able to tell the difference between the two types of but still thinks the 2-part tariff is a good idea. Find the annual fee and per hour price that Billy would charge to each group






4. (16pnts) Boeing and Airbus are the 2 firms that produce commercial aircraft. The demand for airplanes is given by: Q = 10 − P . Boeing’s costs are given by T CB = cB qB and Airbus’ costs are given by: T CA = cA qA where cA , cB are constants. a. (5pnts) Find the Cournot quantities, prices and profits. Find Stackelberg quantities, prices, and profits assuming Boeing chooses output first b. (5pnts) Suppose that right now cB = cA = 5. Boeing has access to a process innovation that will lower marginal costs from 5 to 0. How much would Boeing be willing to invest to implement the innovation. (Assume Cournot Competition from here on) c. (5pnts) Suppose that the innovation is such that Airbus can...
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