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  • Published : July 13, 2012
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Understanding By Design Unit Plan

Unit Title: How to read and write a short story Grade Level: 6th Grade

Subject/Topic Areas: Language ArtsTime Frame: 5 weeks

Links to Content Standards:
Connecticut State Content Standard One: Reading and Responding Connecticut State Content Standard Two: Exploring and Responding to Literature Connecticut State Content Standard Three: Communicating with Others

Brief Summary of Unit:
This unit is a launch for student learning of the structure and elements of a story. It will serve as a springboard for understanding longer and more complex pieces throughout the school year. Through a series of before, during and after reading activities, students explore several short stories taken from the recommended reading list for 6th grade Language Arts. Students will also produce several written response pieces to the texts. The final piece for this unit will be a project based assessment. Students will synthesize and apply the learning from this unit to write their own short story. This piece will be further developed in computer skills class in the form of an e-book.

Stage One – Identify Desired Results

What enduring understandings are desired?
Students will understand what makes a good short story.

What essential (driving) questions will guide this unit and focus teaching and learning? What strategies are needed to comprehend, analyze and evaluate a short story? What elements are needed to make an effective short story?

What key concepts/knowledge and procedures/skills will students acquire as a result of this unit? Fiction
• Students will generate literal, inferential, interpretive, and evaluative questions before, during and after reading a short story. • Students will predict outcomes and actions in short story selections, based on context clues and personal experiences, and evaluate the accuracy of those predictions. • Students will analyze the feelings, traits, and motives...
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