Types of Oragnizational Goals

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Organizations set many different types of goals.These goals are most commonly classified into two broad categories.a.level-wise(top,middle and operational), b.time-wise (short-term,medium-term, and long-term).

Organizations are generally divided into three levels-top,middle and bottom.Generally,organization goals are formulated at the top of the pyramid and filter down.In some cases,the reverse is also true.Based on this classification of organizational levels,four types of goals can identified.a.mission,b,strategic goals,c.tactical goals and operational goals.

MISSION-The organization;s mission describes the vision of its top leadership has of the organization;s purposed and philosophy.The organizations must fir ts visualizes what they aim to become.They develop and formulate inspiring statements of the core purposes of their work.These mission statements, thus,reflect the focus,image,philosophy, and aspirations of the organization.The mission projects the image of the organization.Organizational members identify themselves with the mission and share of pride and commitment.

STRATEGIC GOALS-Strategic goals are stated in general terms.They are developed in view of the mission of the organization.They outline overall organizations goals relating to different dimensions of their business like profit making,product development,resources allocation,human resource development,research priorities, and so on.These are therefore,organization set strategic goal.The board of directors and the top management of the organization set strategic goals.While setting such goals,they seek inputs from staff specialist and middle managers.Strategic goals,they seek inputs from staff specialists and middle managers.Strategic goals,thus,indicate the real in tensions of an organization.The executive management of an organization of an organization usually determines the strategic goals.These top leaders scan the external...
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