Types of Deals and Publishers in the Music Industry

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Music Business test 2
I) Types of Publishers
Music publishers range in size from sole proprietorships (one-person) to partnerships (two or more owners) to fully staffed, multi- departmental, international corporations. 1) Major publishers

a Part of or previously owned as a component of a mega entertainment corporation such as Sony, EMI, Universal, Time Warner, and Bertelsmann. Major music publishers are usually considered full- line, stand- alone operations (as they have many departments worldwide). 2) Independent Publishers

b They are not with any one label or Mega Corporation but they do frequently sign co- and sub- publishing deals with major entertainment corporations and other publishing companies for distribution and administrative assistance. 3) Specialty Publishers

c Specialty publishers usually limit their catalogs to one or two genres of music such as ballet or opera. 4) Foreign publishers
d May or may not be affiliated with a mega organization e Most have cooperative agreements with mega entertainment corporations and independent American music publishers 5) Vanity publishers

f Songwriters who place their own songs into their own companies g Considered independent publishers when they start earning enough money II) Single song contracts
6) Provided on independent deals
7) Power of attorney allows the music publisher to complete agreements on the songwriter’s behalf h Splits are how much of the total revenue stream the writers and publishers receive i Shares are how much of the split goes to one writer or one publisher III) Types of Deals

8) Work for hire
j Unless there is a contract stipulating otherwise the copyright goes to the employer k The publisher will receive 100% of the royalties and the songwriter will receive no royalties.

9) Staff or indie
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