Types and Forms of Business Organization

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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Types and Forms of Business Organization

There are millions of successful businesses around the world. One common trait all these businesses is that they have some sort of organization. But “What is Organization?” – it is the first topic I would like to speak. Then I will tell you about “Structure of an Organization”. After that we consider the “Types and Forms of Business Organization” and the variety of “The Names of Companies” (plc, Ltd, etc.) and, finally, I will tell some words about “International Business”. As I said before, I start with the definition of the organization. Organization is an open, dynamic, purposeful social system of cooperation designed to enhance individual effort aimed at goal accomplishment. It consists of the human element, the physical element, the work element, and the coordination element. Also it transforms resources into outputs for users. It is important to examine the various parts or components of organization theory in order to outline its broad scope. These components are: goals, work, power and authority, delegation, structure. The goal, or purpose, in organization is an objective or target to be achieved, generally by a specific date. For example, corporation may set a goal of doubling revenues in five years. Once the goal of an organization is established, it is time for the members to decide on the type of work activity that will be necessary to accomplish these goals. There are two fundamental types of work: primary and secondary. The primary (line) work consists of production and distribution of goods and services that will satisfy consumer needs. The secondary (staff) work consists of all those activities that support and extend the operations of primary work. What consists power and authority, power is the ability to influence others successfully and authority is a kind of power that has been given official recognition by the organization. Speaking about delegation, it may be defined as the process of...
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