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Type of Process

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The suitable type of process for the product
There are four types of processes will be consider in manufacturing our product, Paper mate Kilometrico Sport II, as below: i. Project production
ii. Batch production
iii. Mass Production
iv. Continuous line production
As we assumed, the preferred processes which suitable are Mass production and continuous line production. Production| Mass| Continuous Line| Comment| Choice|
Type of product| Made-to- stock(standardized )| Commodity| Pen component is standardized and ready to assemble.| Mass| Type of customer| Mass market| Mass market| None comparison| -| Product demand| Stable| Very Stable| Pen demand is stable due to market share is not large.| Mass| Demand volume| High| Very High| Stationary (pen) is high demand (requirement) but not consider as basic need.| Mass| No. of different products| Few| Very Few| Pen should be very few different with other, i.e. tolerance | Continuous Line| Production system| Repetitive, assembly lines| Continuous, process industries| Assembly line is more suitable due to the process is connected line flow and higher volume and standardized product.| Mass| Equipment| Special-purpose| Highly automated| The assembly line remains worker to proceed, not fully automated.| Mass| Primary type of work| Assembly| Mixing, treating, refining| Production line for the pen is assembly.| Mass| Worker skills| Limited range of skills| Equipment monitors| The task is repetitive and required less skilled worker. As stated above, it is not fully monitor by equipment.| Mass| Advantages | Efficiency, speed, low cost| Highly efficient, large capacity, ease of control| The more efficient and ease of control, the better process for production.| Continuous Line| Disadvantages| Capital investment;lack of responsiveness| Difficult to change, far-reaching errors, limited variety| The less capital investment and reaching errors, the...

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