Twelve Angry Men Background Research

Topics: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, World War II, David Greenglass Pages: 6 (1949 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Twelve Angry Men Research Task

1. Reginald Rose Biography (1920-2002)
Reginald Rose was an American man born on the 10th December 1920 in New York. He is the son of William Rose, who was a lawyer, and Alice Rose, who was an Obendorfer. On September 5th of 1943, Rose married Barbara Langbart, and they had 4 children: Jonathan, Richard, and twins Andrew and Steven. But this marriage did not last and on July 6th of 1963, Rose married Ellen McLaughlin, with whom he had another 2 kids: Thomas and Christopher. Throughout his life, Rose was a screenwriter and also did playwright. Just a couple of his famous works included: Twelve Angry Men, The Bus to Nowhere, Thunder on Sycamore Street, The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners, Dino, The Death of Larry Benson, The Expendable House and Crime in the Streets. Rose died in Norwalk, Connecticut on 19th April 2002. 2.

Korean war-
In 1950 on the 25th June, North Korea launched a surprise attack on South Korea. The citizens of South Korea had no knowledge of this attack happening, and so this started the Korean War which little did they know at the time, would take more than 3,000,000 people. North Korea was able to capture Seoul, the capital of South Korea, quite quickly due to the fact that no one knew that North Korea was going to attack. The reason the whole war began was because the North Korean leader, Kim the 2nd Song, had a desire to unify the peninsula under the Communists rule. The peninsula had been one country prior to WW2. To try and avoid a conflict between the US and the Soviets, the United Nation decided that they would draw the line between the 38th parallel. However the two sides became increasingly different in their giving systems as the Soviets occupied the Northern side and the US troops occupying the Southern side. The UN and US troops aided South Korea under the leading of McArthur. North Korea turned to the People’s Republic of China after they held out for as long as they could. Once the UN and US troops managed to push the troops between the border of Manchuria and North Korea, Kin the 2nd Song desperately turned to the Chinese for help. As the Chinese troops had so many soldiers on foot, they were able to push the UN and US troops back to the 38th parallel. The end result was a 3 year war on the peninsula, with the war ending in 1953 with an armistice.

Election of Dwight D Eisenhower-

Dwight D Eisenhower entered the Presidential race as a republican is 1952, to crusade against “Communism, Korea and corruption.” Eisenhower won the election by a long shot, and defeated Adlai Stevenson. He also ended two whole decades worth of the New Deal Coalition. During his first year of being the President, Eisenhower used threats on Korea to conclude the war against China. He also deposed the Iran leader in 1953. His policy on the New Look of nuclear deterrence gave priority to inexpensive nuclear weapons. This was happening while Eisenhower was bringing down the funding for the military forces, where the goal was to reduce federal deficits and keep the Soviet Union under pressure. Eisenhower first put forward the domino theory in his own description in 1954. His description of the threat he presented was about the spread of communism. Then later in 1958, Eisenhower sent about 15,000 US troops over to Lebanon. Eisenhower did this to try and prevent the Western government falling into a Nasser-inspired revolution. As his time was ending as leader, Eisenhower’s efforts towards setting up a summit meeting with the Soviets backfired due to the U-2 incident; when an American spy plane got shot down while over Russia and the pilot was captured. McCarthyism- McCarthyism is making accusations of disloyalty or treason without a real proof of evidence.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg-
“September 28, 1915: Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg born
March 1917: The Russian Revolution begins
1917: Espionage Act that the Rosenbergs are convicted of violating is enacted May 12,...
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