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Study Guide for Level One TV Senior Final 2012

1. Signal transmission speed of radio & TV waves
The speed of light
2. Difference between networks, ONO, and affiliates
Networks: make program bundles available exclusively to its affiliates ONO: Owned and Operated. Type of affiliate that is owned by one of the Networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.) Affiliates: Local stations (WSVN, WFOR, etc.)

3. Differences between pre-, production, post-
Pre-: What happens before we go out to shoot
Production: Time of shooting
Post-: Editing
4. Application of pre-, production, post-
Pre-: Costuming, research, hiring actors, etc.
Production: Shooting video for the production
Post-: Editing (including music editing). ADR (automatic dialogue replacement). 5. Linear vs. nonlinear editing
Linear editing is a tape based system while nonlinear editing is a computer based editing system. 6. Time in television
In normal television there are 30 frames per second of video. It is written in the format of hours:minutes:seconds:frames 7. IFB
The earpiece the anchor-person wears
8. Staging News and ethics
See #11
Staging News: Faking the news. This can get you fired.

9. Call letters for local TV stations
Call Letters| Station Number| Station Affiliation| Owner| WFOR 4| 4| CBS| CBS|
WTVJOldest TV station in the state of FL| 6| NBC| NBC|
WSVN 7| 7| Fox| Sunbeam|
WPLGPLG stands for the guy who created the station| 10| ABC| Post-Newsweek|

10. Positions in the newsroom
* Staff
* Crew
* Talent: anyone on camera, including voiceovers
* Cast
* Executive Producer: person providing funding for the production * Producer: person who purchases materials and services in the creation of a finished program. Hires staff, crew and talent – the production team. * Director: in charge of the creative aspects of the program and interacts with the entire staff. * Production Manager: handles business portion of production including contracts, staff requirements * Production Assistant: “jack of all trades”

* Floor Manager: director’s “eyes and ears.” Knows floor director cues. * Camera Operator: runs the camera in a studio
* Video Engineer: responsible for video quality.
* Audio Engineer: runs the sound board
* Audio Technician: sets up microphones, etc.
* Lighting Director: decides placement of lights, including the use of filters * Gaffer: assistant to the lighting director (Gaffer’s Tape: no goo when you take it off) * Scriptwriter: responsible for placing the entire production on paper. * Content Specialist: works with scriptwriter on continuity * Graphic Artist: create the artwork for the program

* VTR Operator: in charge of recording the program…at times, will also play the components of a program * Editor: puts the various pieces of the entire program together. * Makeup Artist: responsible for applying cosmetics to the talent * CG Operator: runs character generator software (Chyron®). * Grip: moves scenery, equipment and props

* Maintenance Engineer: keeps production equipment in working order

Newsroom Chain of Command
Station/General Manager

Vice President of News

News Director – in charge of the entire news product

Assistant News Director

Managing Editor – in charge of Executive Producer – over all ‘production’/behind the producers and newscasts scenes side

Senior Producer

Producer – in charge of a single newscast, writes show
Asst. Producer – assigned to a single newscast, assists in writing show Interns – everybody is an intern at some point. An intern is at the VERY LOWEST POINT on the food chain.

11. Items from Broadcast News
See #8
Should the news be information or fun and exciting?
12. Subscriber TV
Subscriber TV is a fee-for-service programming where customers pay scheduled fees based on the selected programming package. The television...
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