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Topics: Contract, Law, Common law Pages: 25 (6882 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Australian School of Business Taxation and Business Law LEGT 1710 Tutorial Program



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Week 1 11 March Introduction: The Role of Law in Business Statutory Interpretation & Legal Reasoning Introduction to Contract Law • • • • • • Week starting Lecture topics Topic information NO TUTORIALS What is law? / Sources of law The Australian Constitution and the separation of powers The Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary Statutory interpretation Judicial decision making Legal problem solving and conducting legal research Readings

Latimer Ch 1


Latimer Ch 1


18 March


25 March

• Nature and role of contract law • Requirements for a valid contract ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE WEEK 4 (Hand in to tutor in tutorials) MID-SEMESTER BREAK (1 to 7 April 2013) • Terms of a contract • Conditions and Warranties Exclusion clauses • Vitiating elements: mistake, misrepresentation, illegality, inequality Breach of contract/termination of contract Remedies for breach of contract General principles Negligence and duty of care Statutory modification through the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW)

Latimer Ch 5 ¶5-010-¶5-485


8 April

Contract Law (cont’d) Contract Law (cont’d) Contract Law (cont’d) Introduction to Tort Law Tort Law (cont’d): Professional Negligence and Economic Loss

Latimer Ch 6 ¶6-010-¶6-250

6 7

15 April 22 April

Latimer Ch 5 ¶5-620-¶5-835; ¶5-510 to ¶5-570; ¶6-260-¶6-275 and Ch 11 Latimer Ch 6 ¶6-280-¶6-510 Latimer Ch 4 ¶4-010-¶4-120

• • • • •


29 April


6 May

• Standard of care for professionals • Recovery for economic loss MAJOR ASSIGNMENT DUE Submit Online via Turnitin on Monday 6 May by 5pm • What is property? Ownership of land Intellectual property • •

Latimer Ch 4 ¶4-121-¶4-291

Latimer Ch 3


13 May

Property Law


20 May

Competition/ Restrictive Trade Practices Law

Applying competitive strategies to business: • Part IV of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) • Authorising anti-competitive activity • Enforcement powers of the ACCC • Remedies and defences available under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) • • • Misleading or deceptive conduct Unconscionable conduct Misrepresentations under the Australian Consumer Law (Sch 2, Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)) Business structures Risk Management Compliance Due Diligence

Latimer Ch 8 and see also www.accc.gov.au


27 May

Consumer Protection Law

Latimer Ch 7 and see also www.accc.gov.au

(a) 13 3 June (b)

Business Structures Risk, compliance and due diligence

• • • •

Latimer Ch 9 Supplementary materials

S2-2012 LEGT1710 Tutorial Program

Page 2

Students should note that tutors will hold face-to-face tutorial consultations in the following weeks:

Week 3 commencing 18 March Week 7 commencing 22 April Week 8 commencing 29 April Week 12 commencing 27 May Week 13 commencing 3 June

Tutors will let their students know the time and location of their tutorial consultations in the week prior to a tutorial consultation week.

Students will also be provided with their tutor’s email address so that if a student has any tutorial-related queries outside of the above weeks, they should contact their tutor with their query by email. Short and straight-forward queries will be responded to by email. A tutor may suggest a student attend at one of the above consultation times if a query requires...
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