Tutorial 2 - Case Problem 1 Pine Hill Music School

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New Perspectives Access 2010
Tutorial 2 - Case Problem 1
Pine Hill Music School

Save a database with a new filename
Change a field’s properties in Design view
Change the data type in Design view
Create a caption for a field
Add a field to a table
Save a table
Import the structure of a table in an Access database
Add fields using the Data Type gallery
Delete a field
Reorder fields
Enter a record in Table Datasheet view
Import data from a text file
Create a table in Design view
Set the primary key
Import data from an Excel worksheet
Create a one-to-many relationship
Project overview
Yuka Koyama uses the Pinehill database to maintain information about the students, teachers, and contracts for her music school. Yuka asks you to help her build the database by updating one table and creating two new tables. STUDENT start FILE

NP_Access2010_T2_CP1a_FirstLastName_1.accdb (Note: Download your personalized start file from www.cengage.com/sam2010)

1. Open the file NP_Access2010_T2_CP1a_FirstLastName_1.accdb and save the file as NP_Access2010_T2_CP1a_FirstLastName_2.accdb by clicking the "Save Database As" command in Backstage view. (Note: Verify that your name appears in the first record in the _SAMProjects table before you begin. If it does not, then please download a new copy of the start file from the SAM Web site.)

2. Open the Teacher table, and set field properties as shown in Table 1. TABLE 1
Field Name| Data Type| Description| Field Size| Other| TeacherID| Text| Primary key| 7| Caption = Teacher ID| FirstName| Text| | 20| Caption = First Name|
LastName| Text| | 25| Caption = Last Name|
Degree| Text| | 3| |
School| Text| | 50| |
HireDate| Date/Time| | | Format = Short DateCaption = Hire Date|

3. Add a new field as the last field in the Teacher table with the field name Beginners, the Yes/No data type, the Format property of Yes/No, and the caption Takes Beginners. Save the Teacher table. Click the Yes button when a message appears indicating some data might be lost.

4. In the datasheet, specify that the following teachers can take beginners: Schwartz, Eberle, Norris, Tanaka, Culbertson, and Mueller. Save and close the Teacher table.

5. Import the structure of the Student table in the “support_NP_A10_T2_Music.accdb” database into a new table named Student. (The file “support_NP_A10_T2_Music.accdb” is available from the SAM Web site.) Do not save the import steps.

6. Add two fields to the end of the Student table: BirthDate (with Date/Time data type) and Gender (with Text data type).

7. Use the Phone Quick Start selection in the Data Type gallery to add the Business Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Fax Number fields between the Zip and BirthDate fields. (Hint: Be sure to make the BirthDate field the active field before adding the new fields.) Delete the Business Phone and Fax Number fields, and then save the Student table.

8. Modify the design of the Student table so that it matches the design in Table 2, including the revised field names and data types. TABLE 2
Field Name| Data Type| Description| Field Size| Other| StudentID| Text| Primary key| 7| Caption = Student ID| LastName| Text| | 25| Caption = Last Name|
FirstName| Text| | 20| Caption = First Name|
Address| Text| | 35| |
City| Text| | 25| |
State| Text| | 2| |
Zip| Text| | 10| |
HomePhone| Text| | 14| |
MobilePhone| Text| | 14| |
BirthDate| Date/Time| | | Format = Short DateCaption = Birth Date| Gender| Text| F(emale), M(ale)| 1| |

9. Move the LastName field so that it follows the FirstName field. Save your changes to the table design....
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