Tsar Nicholas Ii

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  • Published : March 29, 2012
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To what extent was the Tsar to blame for his downfall in March 1917?

Tsar Nicholas II was rightfully blamed for his downfall in March 1917. His revolting actions resulting in detrimental impacts on Russia made him solely to blame for his abdication. Politically, socially and through War, Nicholas was to great extent his own reason of causing his downfall.

There were numerous political challenges Tsar Nicholas encountered through his reign as ruler, with the majority a direct consequence of shear incompetence and several errors made on his part. In particular, his inability and ignorance to cooperate with the newly created Duma after 1905.
In the October Manifesto, Nicholas finally agreed on the existence of a Parliament, with the hope and desire to end the violence and unrest that had occurred following his inexcusable handling of the ‘Bloody Sunday”. Following the traumatic disaster of that day, the Tsar had a golden opportunity to begin to implement a much needed political reform in Russia. However, his shear ignorance and utter arrogance coincided with his unwillingness to concede any of his autocratic power through cooperation with an elected assembly. This therefore led to the failure of the first three Dumas. This alienation of the middle classes was further compounded by political errors, which reduced support for the monarchy from the upper class. Whilst it was only a coincidence that Nicholas’s wife was of German descent during the first world war period, it’s only fair that he takes the blame for leaving her with effective political control of the country in his absence, upon his decision to assume personal responsibility for the Russian army and assume command. Tsarina Alexandria’s incompetent political handling led directly to further breakdowns between the monarchy and the flailing Duma. To further exploit this, her over-reliance on the advice of Rasputin, a herbal healer and preacher with a life centered around womanizing and...
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