Tri State Telephone

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r. John Godwin- Chief Executive Officer
Mr Godwin is the Chief Executive Officer in the Tri-State Company. Since he is the manager of the company his duties are to manage the day to day affairs of the company.He can make plans, decisions and policy to implement these plans. AT&T Company

This is the Company in America known as American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Ithas a good market over US. This was the company who sent the shock waves throughout theindustry by its price scheme which affected Tri-State very badly. Customers and Elderly People

They are the King of the company. They use the service provided the company and makepayments for the services they used. They are also termed as the Stake holders of thecompany. Consumer Federation of America & Congress of Consumer Organization These are the authorities who look after the welfare of the consumer from being exploited.They have the right in intervening and deregulating the functioning of the industry. Summary

ABOUT THE CASE OF Tri-State Telephone Company

Tri-State Telephone is a Phone company operating in three states and had a sale of over $ 3billion. It is a customer oriented firm with a good number of customers.One day John Godwin, Chief Executive Officer of the company faced a problem, as last night150 angry customers had marched into protest because of the company¶s latest price requestThis is because in 1984 AT&T divestiture sent shock waves throughout the industry and theTri-State Telephone Company had felt the effects, as pricing for long- distance telephoneservice changed dramatically.As a result the Tri-State Company had to do something to remain equivalent in the marketwith other industries competent industries. They had then decided to implement a new pricepolicy in the market. All senior managers of the company were convinced with the new pricescheme. According to this scheme it states that the user of local telephone services wouldsimply pay for what they used rather...
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