Treatment Plan Notes

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Kristen DeGeorge
Homework #4
Treatment Plan
Treatment Planning: ICRC defines as the process in which the counselor and the client identify and rank problems needing resolution established agreeded upon immediate and long term goals and decide on treatment methods and resources to be used. TAP 21 Definition: A collaborative process in which professional and client develop a written document that identifies important treatment goals; describes measurable, time sensitive action steps toward achieving those goals with expected outcome, and reflects verbal agreement between counselor and client. * Indirect treatment planr addressed the identified substance abuse disorder(s) as well as issues relating to treatment progress. * TX relates to the client’s strengths and weakness to the client’s problems and needs. * Occurs after assessment process. TX based on the diagnostic evaluation of the client’s strengths and weakness as well as the client’s problems and needs. Client and counselor come up with TX. * Admin requirement of all licensed treatment facilities is to have an individualized TX for all clients. * Therapeutic function, TX identifies for the client and the counselor the problem statement, goals, and objectives/activities to be addressed during treatment. * Counselor needs to know client’s goals and objective and the plan the therapeutic interventions that will achieve these goals. Problem(s) Statement:

1. Meth dependent
2. Medical issues (Hep C)
3. Bipolar Mental disorder
4. Lacking social network
5. Lacking awareness
1. Abastance/Sobriety (long term)
2. Refer client out to MD possible meds (short term)
3. Establish communication with MD (short term)
4. Establish social connection/social support (long term) 5. Drug related education (short term)
Treatment Objectives:
From Client’s Point of View:
* Client wants to get well. TX often looked upon with interest and expectation....
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