Transition and Transformation

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Transition and Transformation
This phase covers the standard activities involved in vendor taking over service delivery responsibility from either customer’s internal IT organization or an incumbent service provider. Following the successful completion of transition, the transformation phase describes jointly agreed optional projects undertaken to enhance the technical and business environment to an agreed level. This can be managed as a series of projects in parallel with vendor delivering the steady state services. In some cases, where business imperatives require it, the transformation can be run in parallel with transition. Before the service commencement date both vendor and customer prepare a joint status report which includes both of their readiness activities. In the service commencement readiness vendor estimates pre-existing processes, tools, documentation and staffing within customer’s organization. Customer organizes an orderly transfer of staff, knowledge and services from the current operation to vendor so the service delivery team can assume management responsibilities for the in-scope services by service commencement date. In human resource work stream vendor manages the transfer of people, their pay & condition and defines the resource plan necessary to deliver the services. It is crucial to ensure seamless transition with no disruption to business processes. The main purpose of the workplace services work stream is to establish a working environment for the transitioned (in-scope) people or for the vendor transition and delivery teams, such that they can perform their roles. In this situation both client and vendor should work with each other in order to success in work place services implementation. In the GD migration phase, both vendor and customer jointly prepare number of appropriate documents in order to mitigate knowledge transferring risks. Also in the training and performing stages customer review the work products, AID, ASCP and...
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