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Personality is a combination of traits that classifies an individual’s behavior (Achua&Lussier, 2010). By understanding people’s personalities, you will be able to explain and predict others’ behavior and job performance. Between, the big five model of personality is the most widely accepted way to classify personalities that has been proved by researchers. The big five model of personality categories traits into the dimensions of surgency, agreeableness, adjustment, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.

Surgency consist of leadership and extraversion traits. The leader of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs is a person in high surgency. People with high surgency wants to ahead and leading through competing and influencing. Extraversion is described as positive emotions, surgency, and the tendency to seek out stimulation and the company of others. His self-confidence may at first be mistaken for extraversion; however, extraversion in a socially interested way appears not to be extractable (David Kramer, 2010).

Agreeableness involved traits related to getting along with people. People with agreeableness personality, will behave very sociable, friendly, easygoing and compliant, warm and caring. Steve Jobs is a low agreeableness person. He is not sociable, friendly, warm and caring about his employees. A former Apple employee said: “No one greets him or says hi to him. Low ranking employees are afraid of him. I remember him walking around the campus one time and groups of people in his way would just split and let him walk through.” (Nicholas Carlson, 2008). This has proved that he is low agreeableness person.

Adjustment consists of traits related to emotional stability. Based on, adjustment is on a range between being emotionally stable and unstable. People strong in adjustment are characterized as being good under pressure, having self control, being calm, secure, and positive. Steve Jobs is low adjustment person. He sometimes gets emotional and yells at his employees.

Conscientiousness includes traits related to achievement. It means responsible and dependable. It also shows that the person willing to work hard to achieve goals and to success. Steve Jobs have this trait. He willing to work hard and put in time and effort to accomplish goals to achieve success.

Openness to experience has the traits that related to being willing to change and try new things. People with this trait are those imaginative, nonconforming, unconventional, and autonomous. Steve Jobs definitely have this trait. From Apple Inc.’s product, we knew that Steve Jobs is a very imaginative person.

Traits of effective leaders are a list of traits where effective leader should have. Not all effective leaders have all the traits, but they must strong on some of the traits, and others traits can be developed with some effort.

Dominance is one of the two major traits of surgency. People are dominant want to be manager and be in charge. In spite of that, they can’t be too bossy or use bullying style. It affects all the other traits that related to effective leaders.

People have high energy trait with a positive drive to work hard to achieve goal. They will never felt tired to work, enjoyed to work, focused on the positive and have stamina and tolerate stress well. Like Steve Jobs, he is a good example for the leader who has high energy. He will never feel tired to work, will work hard to achieve the goal and manage to handle his stress.

Self confidence indicates whether you are self assured in your own judgment, decision making, ideas, and capabilities. It influence individual goals, efforts and task persistence. It is positively related to effectiveness and advancement. Steve Jobs has known with his self confidence.

Locus of control is a range between external and internal belief in control over one’s destiny. Internalizers believe in the control of their own destiny. However, externalizers believe in fate, luck...
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