Training and Development

Topics: Training, Sales, Practice Pages: 3 (643 words) Published: December 12, 2011
1. Explain the difference between training and development.
2. How are training needs of an organization assessed?
3. What are the broad responsibilities of a trainer in a training programme? 4. What are the responsibilities of the management of an organization with respect to implementation of training programmes?

5. Write a brief note on recent trends in training.
1. Why is it necessary to evaluate training processes and activities? 2. Discuss the effectiveness of role playing as a training method. 3. What would be the training scheme for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers? 4. What problems can an organization face if its training objectives have not been properly evaluated?

5. Write short notes on:
a. Mentoring
b. Counselling
c. E-Learning
1. What factors does a training and development budget depend upon? 2. What are MDPs? Why they are required?
3. How should the personnel of an organization be trained in the event of market changes? 4. Discuss case study as a training method.
5. Write a note on Corporate University Model.
Rajat Sharma has been employed for six months in the accounts section of a large manufacturing company in Faridabad. You have been his supervisor for the past three months. Recently you have been asked by the management to find out the contributions of each employee in the Accounts Section and monitor carefully whether they are meeting the standards set by you.

A few days back you have completed your formal investigation and with the exception of Rajat, all seem to be meeting the targets set by you. Along with numerous errors, Rajat’s work is characterized by low performance – often he does 20 percent less than the other clerks in the department.

As you look into Rajat’s performance review sheets again, you begin to wonder whether some sort of remedial training is needed for people like him.
1. As Rajat’s supervisor can you...
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