Train Protection Warning System

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Ansaldo STS & ETCS Implementation in India


Ansaldo STS, India

ETCS Implementation in India

Ansaldo was awarded the First European Train Control Systems in India for 50 route Kms and 84 EMU coaches for Chennai suburban in Southern Railway Another order for 190 route Kms and 35 locos between Delhi and Agra in North Central Railway


Ansaldo STS, India

Pilot Project 1 : Chennai – Gummidipundi (TPWS-S)

Section Number of stations Length Current signalling Transportation capacity On-board equipment Wayside equipment

- Chennai Beach to Gummidipundi - Chennai Central to Korukkupet 19 50 Km - Relay interlocking - Absolute block working 60,000 passengers/day 84 EMUs to be fitted-out 150 Signals to be fitted-out


Ansaldo STS, India

Pilot Project 2 : Delhi – Agra (TPWS-N)

Section Number of stations Length Current signalling Transportation capacity On-board equipment Wayside equipment

New Delhi - Agra 27 168 Km - Relay interlocking - Absolute/Auto block 40,000 passengers/day 35 Locos 580 Signals to be fitted-out


Advantages of TPWS System
Assists Railway Operators to meet their safety and modernisation goals by – Providing a safety protection mechanism against reduced headway of the trains for increasing line capacity – Eliminating human errors leading to : • Signals passed at danger • Overspeeding

The advantages are – Enhanced Safety beyond the capability of legacy ATP – Significant capacity improvement with reduced headway – Assures higher level of safety even at higher operational speed – Providing a widely accepted standard – Accommodating multiple vendors and interoperability – Providing a robust platform for technology upgradation in future – Permitting customisation to meet Indian Railway’s needs – Facilitates normal operation of train in dense foggy condition where visibility is near zero 5

TPWS – Benefits to the drivers
Aids the motormen of loco by various information as under on the panel of Driver Machine Interface fixed in front of him. • • • • • • • • • Permitted speed Actual speed Target distance Target speed Level of operation (One or Zero) Modes of operation (Unfitted, Full supervision, Staff responsible etc.) Over speed indication by visible/audible warning in two stages. Service and Emergency brake indication Facility to operate train under special conditions as per Railway rules 6

ERTMS Level 1 On-Board
On Board Equipment
On Board Computer (OBC) Balise Transmission Module (BTM) and Antenna C bA a E CA V E CB V C bB a

Driver Machine Interface (DMI) Wheel sensors

Input data to be fed
Length of train, wheel dia, deceleration factor Maximum permitted speed of train

On board Equipment Functions
• • • • • Reception of movement authorities and track description Selection of the most restrictive speed Calculation of dynamic speed profile and display permitted speed on DMI / sDMI Comparison of the actual speed with the permitted speed and commanding Brake when required Provide audio - visual warnings 7


OBC-On Board Computer with BTM-Balise Transmission Module



Brake Valves

Wheel Sensor



WheelS ensor

JB-Junction Box



Onboard Components

Isolation Switch

Wheel Sensor Onboard Computer

Balise Transmission Module - BTM


PSTI Cabinet

ERTMS Level 1 Trackside Equipments
Equipments Lineside Electronic Unit (LEU) Eurobalise Input data to be fed Movement Authority and speed profile depending on signal aspect Sectional gradients, permanent speed restrictions, mode transitions etc. Equipment Functions Determine movement authorities according to the underlying signaling system of Railway Transmit movement authorities and track description to the train 10


Note JB - Balise Junction Box LEU - Lineside Electronic Unit LEU Cabinet...
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