Traditional Media vs. Emerging Media

Topics: Education, History of education, Full-time Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Vickie Coston

Online education vs. Traditional education

Do you enjoy sitting in class with peers and taking notes and while listening to the professor’s lecture? Or do you prefer sitting at home alone, learning at your own pace? Online education allows the students to learn at his or her pace, while traditional education gives students the tools to succeed in a more competitive environment. Personal learning styles differ. Therefore, the differences between online education and traditional education in terms of instruction and social interaction might be worth considering when choosing between online education and traditional education. Online education has a huge advantage over traditional education because it allows you to set your own pace. Online education gives teachers and students an opportunity to communicate together all around the world to study in any course of common interest. Students can choose when they want to study and do their assignments without having the pressure of time limit. Online education gives the freedom that gives individuals a chance work a full time job and return to school. Students have the chance to take care of their responsibilities of everyday life and receive a higher education at the same time. Some online degree programs offer different start dates- some are offered weekly. Online education also will give the students an opportunity to complete courses in a quickly manner. Obviously, the best advantage to online education is going to class when and where is best for you. You can get your lessons and do your homework from the comfort of your home without leaving. Online education also has its disadvantages, such as you can have natural technology problems when doing your work. Sometimes you do not have control over the situation, but your computer might experience technical difficulties. A big storm may knock out you’re your lights and mess up your connection to the internet due to lighting strikes. Without...
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