Traditional Media Channels

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Chapter 8

Traditional Media Channels


This chapter is devoted to explaining the nature of the advertising media selection. The topics to be covered include: • The media strategy
• Media planning processes and the roles of the media planner and buyer • Advertising objectives
• Media choices based on the advantages and disadvantages of each medium • Media selection in business-to-business and international settings

Development of an advertising campaign within the framework of an integrated marketing communications program is the most important function an advertising agency can provide. Advertising media selection is an important element in the success of any advertising program.

Figure 8.1 displays all of the components of an IMC program and how traditional media, e-active marketing, and alternative channels fit in the program.


Media Strategy

A media strategy is the process of analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign. The strategy must take into account several factors, which should have been specified in a creative brief:

The average consumer spends little time on any advertisement. Simply finding the right places to speak to potential customers is an increasingly challenging task.

Figure 8.2 lists times when workers are exposed to advertisements.

The first step is to prepare a thorough media-planning program that accounts for the general advertising methods and objectives to be utilized.

Media Planning

Media planning begins with a careful analysis of the target market. Demographics such as age, gender, income, and education are not enough to determine the media habits of a person in a target market.

Figure 8.3 identifies the components of a media plan, which are:

• A marketing analysis to review the fundamental marketing program • An advertising analysis to spell out fundamental advertising strategy • A media strategy to state the media to be used and creative consideration • Media scheduling notes the times ads will appear

• Justification and summary to state the measures and the rationale for media choices

Media Planners

The primary job of the media planner is to formulate a program stating where and when to place advertisements, working closely with creatives and account executives.

Another task for the media planner is to conduct research to match the product with the market and media.

Part of the media planner’s research is devoted to gathering facts about various media, such as the circulation rates and demographic groups reached by each medium.

Media Buyers

The media buyer purchases the space, while negotiating rates, times, and schedules for ads.

To ensure promotional dollars are spent wisely, it is best to involve the media planner and the media buyer with the creative and the account executive in the design of an advertising campaign.

There is little connection between the size of an advertising firm and the prices they can negotiate.

Differences in effectiveness of advertising are often related to: • Quality media choices (the right ones) made by each agency • Creativity
• Financial stewardship (“bang” for your advertising buck) • Agency culture and track record
• Computer systems to analyze data
• Relationships between the agency and the medium’s sales representative

The negotiated price is only one element in the success of an advertising program.

Advertising Objectives

Several concepts or technical terms used in the advertising world are important in developing media objectives. Terms students need to understand include:

• Reach, which is the number of people, households, or businesses in a target audience exposed to a media vehicle or message schedule at least one time during a given time period (usually four weeks)....
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