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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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I agree with the statement that teacher should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom. I contend that social or political views are quite influential and they should not be discussed without proper background information. Besides, if professors’ points of view are known to every student, it will be horrible because students might use this as a weapon to attack or please professors, which is the last thing we want to see in the campus.

To begin with, classrooms are places people can discuss issues freely without being worried about offending somebody because we all know we are fully granted to state our thoughts. However, if the professor, who take charge of the class, clearly expresses his or her opinions, it will definitely decrease students’ willing to speak their comments out loud for nobody wants to challenge the man controlling their grades. Take my own experience as an example. I have strong preference for a specific political party due to some private family reason, but I never think it is problem for me. Nevertheless, once in a class, the professor showed a very negative attitude toward party I was in support of and refused to give me a chance to refute what he said. And I was too coward to question him again. I think this is a vivid example showing how teachers’ social and political views might have unexpected effects on students.

In addition, teachers’ too obvious views about society and politics might lead to bias and therefore interfere in the delivery of knowledge. To cite one example, the former minister of the department of health, Yang Chih-Liang, is actually an expert in health field and also teaches in university, but after some interviews about his political and social views, he became one of the most controversial figures in that time. From then on, no matter how hard he tried to promote new technology in class, students were often distracted by his view points on the other things and showed...
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