Topic 1 Financial Class

Topics: Management, Health insurance, Human resource management Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Carmelie Torres
Topic 1 Assignment

Sr. Vice President H.R.

Human Resources Operations Manager

H.R. Benefits Coordinator

401 K Health Insurance
Coordinator Coordinator

HR Planning & Placement

Job Recruitment Hiring Process

Learning Services

Orientation for New Employees

Do you believe your design of the detailed organization chart indicates centralized or decentralized lines of authority for decision making? Can you explain your approach in one to two sentences? I do believe that my design is detailed centralized organization. In order for human resources to work, there has to be some type of organization. If there was no organization, HR would not function properly. At the hospital, HR has departments for specific needs. There is a department for Health Benefits and there is a different Coordinator for specific last names. I think it keeps it somewhat organized. Review the chapter text about information flow and Figures 2–2 and 2–3. Do you have “information flow-sheets” at your organization? What is the purpose for them? Are they always this formalized? Should they be? (If you don’t have a information flow sheet currently make one up for your organization) In the family practice we have two offices, I really did not know about flow sheets. I asked the billing person in the office and she did show me one and it is similar to 2-3. She did explain to me what they are about and how they function for the office, but I don’t understand it as much. I think because I am more in the clinical side of the office it makes it hard for me to understand how they are used. She did mention they will be changing since the practice was bought out by the hospital. She stated it will be sometime in the upcoming...
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