Top Ten Events in American History

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Top Ten Events in American History

Obviously, with a topic as broad as this it is subject to a personal opinion and viewpoint. What follows is what I believe to be ten extremely important events in the history of the United States. I have purposely left out events during wartime America as there are so many that over the course of the conflict so many would transpire that it would be remiss to leave them out and just say "the Civil War" or "World War II" thus taking us well beyond ten events. 1. Ratification of the US Constitution

This one goes without saying. It revolutionized the idea of a republican form of government and produced a document that other governments have used as the blueprint for the formation of their own constitutions. 2. Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin

Some say it was the cause of the growth of slavery, I doubt that, but it did bring about the concept of interchangeable parts that would be taken to the next level by Henry Ford in the 20th century. 3. The Louisiana Purchase

Not sure the purchase itself is significant (outside the fact that Jefferson wasn't even sure he had the Constitutional power to do this ) but the fact that it opened up a HUGE section of the continent for the expansion of America was. Lewis and Clarke and Zebulon Pike would go on to explore this area bought from the French for about $15 million 4. The Election of 1824-1825

Andrew Jackson called it the "corrupt bargain" and that bargain took the presidential vote to the House of Representatives for the first and only time in our history (the election of 1912 had the chance of this ) and cost Jackson the presidency even though he had the popular and electoral votes but NOT the majority. 5. Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

This bill designed by Stephen Douglas of Illinois would be a major cause of the border war between Kansas and Missouri and in my humble opinion was one of the main instigators of the American Civil War. It introduced the concept of "popular...
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