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Women Business Association
100 Tree line Boulevard
Brampton, ON, L6P 1A7
(647) 620 9670
April 1, 2013

Ms. John Schulz
NBR Industries
3450 West 16th Street
Vancouver, BC V1N 3E5

Dear Ms. Joann R. Schulz:


A number of our Association’s members heard about your success in business. Women Business Association is going to conduct an annual conference this year. This is about how female entrepreneurs can get succeed in their own business.

Many women entrepreneurs are taking active part in this association. A large majority of women want to start their own business in order to support their families. Our member are very interested in your direct, easy to understand to successful strategies for women.

The members of the Association have asked me to invite you to be the featured speaker April 14, when we hold our annual conference in Brampton. Many successful business persons will attend this conference. We would like you to speak on this special occasion. Although we can give you only $1000 as an honorarium, we can offer you an opportunity to help women entrepreneurs apply their talent and skills tom get succeed in their own business. In addition, the conference includes two sessions, to which you and a guest are invited.

Please call me at (647) 620 9670 by April 5 to allow me to announce your name publicly as a featured speaker before the before the Women Business Association on April 14.


Gursewak Singh Toor
Program chair, Women Business Association
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