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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Subject:| DP Visual Arts|
Unit Title:| Five senses|
Start date:| 2013| Duration / weeks:| Five|

Significant Concept(s) / Unit Overview|
Emotions change our perception. Through a study of sensory endorsement from popular art cultures, students will gain an understanding of how the five senses can be transformed (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch) into abstract arts for emotional responses. |

Content / Skills/ Learning Outcomes| Teaching and Learning Approaches| Content * Is it possible for artistic expression in visual arts to take the place of human’s five senses? * What are the roles of emotion and reason in the arts? * Students explore the sensory endorsement in commercial advertising and visual merchandising of different visual cultures * Students examine the concepts of abstract / non-objective arts from across times and cultures: Surrealism, De Stijl , Futurism and Abstract expression * Students choose one of the five senses as inspiration to create an abstract paintingSkills * To implement concepts and problem-solving skills in the contextual studies * To apply subject specific terminology in art criticism and appreciation * To execute concepts through use of acrylic colors, gel medium and other potential art materials for artistic expression * To plan and handle complexities in large-scale mixed-media artworkLearning Outcomes * Be able to understand how sensory cues can affect our emotional responses and its connection to abstract arts * Be able to apply strategic creative solutions of ideas, media and techniques to the visual imagery * Be able to use subject specific terminology for art appreciation and criticism * Be able to produce a thematic artwork that demonstrate skills appropriate to cultural conventions| Learning experiences * Students have no prior knowledge in abstract art. The teacher begins with the topic and discusses the essential qualities of human sense organs and...
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