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Topics: God, Scientific method, Monotheism Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Theory of knowledge
Epistemology (theory of knowledge) is a small branch of philosophy, which includes studies of nature, methods, limitations, validity of knowledge, and also belief. Follows are some of the differences between Islamic and Secular perspective on this issue: Knowledge-by secular perspective

* Meaning: A study of phenomena of nature that deny God as a creator. * Knowledge is information or data that can be verified through scientific experiments. * Individual are knowledgeable but rejects God as source of knowledge and the creator of the universe. * Law of physics, biology, chemistry and etc. is called as the Law of Nature. * Laws happen by coincidence.

* Formation of the universe and life happens by pure chance of random cosmic activity and has no purpose. * No limitation of study.
Knowledge-by Islamic perspective
* Meaning: A study of phenomena of God’s creation that can proof the existence of Allah. * Knowledge is information that leads us to understand Allah as a Creator. * Universe and living things are created by Him with a purpose. * Islamic Science is the study of tauhid, study of the power of Allah and his 99 attributes. * Limit to a certain knowledge.

* Have two forms of proof to guide mankind to existence of absolute creator. - Dalil Naqli
- Dalil Aqli
These two opposing speculation of Knowledge have their own reasons and beliefs to appear as theirs are correct and accurate. Secular perspective considers that ones are knowledgeable but they deny God as the ultimate Creator. They claimed that universe and living things happen by itself with no purposes and grounds. Meanwhile, Islamic perspective deduces that knowledge is the study of life created by Allah and will guide people to understand Him. Both of these contradictory hypotheses are true to several degrees but I strongly confidence that Islamic perspective is more precise, base on some rationales. “Do they not reflect within...
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