To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Questions

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 2, 2012

_____l. Jema. respected lawyer in town
_____2. Simon Finchb. is the main “character” actor in the plays performed by the children _____3. Boo Radleyc. never brings a lunch to school because his family is too poor _____4. Atticusd. A big sin because they are innocent; known for their sweet song _____5. Jacke. only comes the first day of every school year; whole family lazy _____6. Calpurniaf. Atticus’s brother; he is a doctor _____7. Mrs. Dubose (Doo-bwah)g. Dill’s Aunt

_____8. Miss Rachelh. Arthur
_____9. Dilli. Sixth grade teacher
____10. Stephanie Crawfordj. Setting of book
____11. Mr. Radleyk. Place where gifts are exchanged
____12. Alexandral. narrator of the story
____13. Young Arthur Radleym. described as “looking and smelling like a peppermint drop” ____14. Charles Harris Bakern. town gossip
____15. Nathan Radleyo. Scout
____16. For Boo, From Jem & Dillp. nanny, housekeeper, yells at Scout a lot ____17. Scoutq. Atticus’s sister
____18. Maycomb, Alabama in 1933r. arrested with Cunningham gang for locking Mr. Conner in outhouse ____19. Miss Caroline Fishers. compared to a chameleon; makes individual cakes for the kids ____20. Miss Maudiet. Ancestor who settled Finch’s Landing ____21. Jean Louis Finchu. wishes his dad would play tackle football ____22. Walter Cunninghamv. Boo’s older brother

____23. Mr. Cunninghamw. mean neighbor who sits on his/her porch; two doors down ____24. Miss Blountx. owed an “entailment” to Atticus ____25. Radley’s Oak Treey. A note to Boo, asking him to come out, ice cream as a reward ____26. Burris Ewellz. supposedly stabbed in the thigh by his son ____27. To Kill A Mockingbirdaa. Dill


1. Give a good explanation of what “entailment” is. Look on page 21, two paragraphs starting...
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