Timeline of Cambodian History

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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1.     5 July 1863 -- Recognition of French rule; becomes part of the French Indochina 2.     August 1941- March 1945 – Japanese Occupation during WWII (communist) 3.     September 1, 1946 -- France renews it's rule and allows political parties to be formed.  Communist Guerrilla parties are formed. 4.     September 1951 -- The Indochinese Communist party was dissembled into three major parties -- the KPRP, the Workers Party, and the Lao Itsala. 5.     November 9, 1953 -- Cambodia wins its independence from France, becomes the Kingdom of Cambodia (monarchy) 6.     July 1955-1970 -- King Sihanouk formed his own political movement he called "Buddhist socialism".  It was not at all socialist and the idea was abandoned when Sinhanouk was dethroned and the civil war began. 7.     17 April, 1975-1979 – Khmer Rouge rule (communist) 8.     January 6, 1979 -- Civil war begins, pitting the Khmer Rouge, nationalists and royalists against each other. 9.     December 1979 -- Vietnamese troops and the forces of the United front for the National Salvation of Kampuchea fought their way into Cambodia. 10.     October 23, 1991 -- At the agreement of all political parties, national elections are planned under the supervision of UNTAC. 11.     September 24, 1993 -- Sihanouk returns to the throne under a new constitution transforming the country into a constitutional monarchy, which allows for the king to reign but not rule.  12.     30 May 1997 -- The Alliance of the National Community (Sangkum Cheat Niyum) that represented four parties had its entire four parties merge.  Supported ideology of nationalism. 13.     7 October 2004 -- King Norodom Sihanouk abdicates in favor of his son. 14.     February 2002 -- First multi-party elections are held; ruling Cambodian People's Party wins in all but 23 out of 1,620 villages. (Nationalist/democratic) 15.     March 2006 -- League for Democracy Party. It believes that all “powers” belonging to the people of Cambodia, which is its idea of...
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