Timeline for Children's Literature

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Timeline for Children’s Literature (ENG/290 Version 2)
Evolution of Children’s Literature

* Beginning of children’s literature [ Period not established (pre-dates written records) ]

* Beginning is unknown, but could have started as a simple warning to children about danger, or to calm a child that was having difficulty falling to sleep (Russell, 2009, Chapter 1, para. 1). Importance was that information was directly customized to benefit children.

* Art of Storytelling (The Classical Period)

* Storytelling was used to entertain, instruct, and teach the young about important issues of the period (Russell, 2009, Chapter 1, para. 3). Stories were of mythical Gods and creatures about events that were fanaticized for reader enjoyment.

* Moveable-Type Printing Press (Around 1450 / Renaissance Period)

* Invented by Johannes Gutenberg the printing press made a once luxury item affordable and accessible (Russell, 2009, Chapter 1, para. 11). Literature could be quickly reproduced and distributed to all classes which made.

* Schoolbooks for Educational Purposes (1530’s – Present/ Renaissance Period)

* The creation of textbooks was important in making education a priority in children’s lives. It helped to drastically limit illiteracy and help eliminate class based education. It made education available to a diverse population.

* Children’s Book Illustrations (1800’s / Golden Age)

* The introduction of pictures to books made young readers understand and use their imagination (Russell, 2009, Chapter 1, para. 1). The colored illustrations made reading fun and exciting instead of dull and dreary like the previous centuries.

Russell, D. L. (2009). Literature for children: A short Introduction (6th ed.) [University of Phoenix Custom Edition eBook]. Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, ENG290--- Children’s Literature in a Pluralistic Society...
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