Time Capsule Project

Topics: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, World War II, The Holocaust Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Unit 9 Time Capsule
Donna McMorris
Kaplan University

Letter of introduction
My daily experience usually contains a fair amount of walking and then often going to work and/or school. During the week I usually walk a mile to work and then work all day and walk home. This occurs during most of the week except for the nights that I have class and when that happens, I walk to class instead of back to my house since my school is on the way home. Once I am home, I spend time with my fiancé, my roommate, and our three cats, usually playing Xbox or watching things that are recorded. As far as customs and habits that I have, I usually work over the weekends and the beginning and end of the week instead of the middle because of the fact that my job is open all weekdays and weekends and also due to the fact that I have class. Also due to class schedules, I can work as early as 5:30 in the morning and as late as 9:30 at night. My perspective on the modern era is that it is full of tragedy and crime. It may just be that since technology is continuing to advance, and we are seeing more of it, but it appears as though there is more crime than there was in the past. School shootings as well as just shootings in general are becoming more prevalent as are the amount of gang members and criminals. Not only speaking of criminals, but the modern era is full of those who are harming themselves. Whether it be from not eating, eating too much, causing oneself to throw up, or even other physical harm as hitting, cutting and burning. Again, it could be the technology advances that are just causing it to be shown more. My personal goals for the future are to graduate with my second degree (Bachelors in Business Administration), raise a family that is successful, as well as opening a restaurant in Colorado or Oregon with my fiancé, who I will be marrying June 2nd, 2013. Morality and Decision Making

Morality is defined as the basic reasoning for the choices among...
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