Through Education the Motherland Receives Light

Topics: Virtue, Human, Hand Pages: 3 (466 words) Published: January 28, 2013

The vital breath of prudent Education
Instills a virtue of enchanting power;
She lifts the motherland to highest station
And endless dazzling glories on her shower.
And as the zephyr’s gentle exhalation
Revives the matrix of the fragrant flower,
So education multiplies her gifts of grace;
With prudent hand imparts them to the human race.

For her a mortal man will gladly part
With all he has; will give his calm repose;
For her are born all sciences and all arts,
That brews the towering mountain’s lofty heart.
The purest current of the streamlet flows,
So education without stint or measure gives
Security and peace to lands in which she lives.

Where education reigns on lofty seat
Youth blossoms forth with vigor and agility;
His error subjugates with solid feet,
And is exalted by conceptions of nobility,
She breaks the neck of vice and its deceit;
Black crime turns pale at Her hostility;
The barbarous nations she knows how to tame,
From savages create heroic fame.

And as the spring doth sustenance bestow
On all the plants, on bushes in the mead,
Its placid plenty goes to overflow
And endlessly with lavish love to feed
The banks by which it wanders, gliding slow,
Supplying beauteous nature’s every need.
So he who prudent Education doth procure
The towering heights of honor will secure.

From out his lips the watercrystal pure,
Of perfect virtue shall not cease to go.
With careful doctrines of his faith made sure,
The powers of evil he will overthrow,
Like foaming waves that never long endure,
But perish on the shore at every blow;
And from his good example other me shall learn
Their upward steps toward the heavenly paths to turn.

Within the breast of wretched humankind
She lights the living flame of goodness bright;
The hand of fiercest criminal doth bind;
And in these breasts will surely pour delight
Which seek her mystic benefits to find,-
Those souls she sets...
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